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32' Electric 4x2 Scissor Lift (69" Width)

OverviewWith a maximum platform height of 32 feet, these scissor lifts offer the stability of standard scissor lifts with the added capability of traversing uneven job site conditions due to rough terrain (RT) 4x4 tires. This added stability is amplified by the ability to move while the platform is extended to its maximum height. The large platform is capable of comfortably allowing two operators at once, and space is maximized when the platform is extended out an extra 4 feet. Available in both electric and diesel. Weighing in at almost 8,000lbs, these scissor lifts are capable of being towed on most twin-axle equipment trailers.
Specification SummaryMax lift capacity: 1,500 lbs
Max platform height: 32'
Platform size: 170"x63"


$165.00 per day
$575.00 per week
$1,725.00 per month
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