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6,000lb Reach Forklift

$275.00 /day
$950.00 /week
$2,850.00 /month
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Overview: Like 5,000lb reach fork lifts, the 6,000lb class offers flexibility in a slightly larger package. Although heavier, 6,000lb reaches can extend out to 44 feet both vertically and horizontally. This allows greater versatility for the operator especially when trying to access objects or locations that are otherwise hard to reach. The rough terrain (RT) tires and 4-wheel articulating steering makes for easier traversal in both adverse conditions and indoor jobsites. (Equipment availability subject to pre-existing delivery schedule)
Specification Summary: Max lift capacity: 6,000 lbs
Max lift height: 43'10"
Lift capacity at max height: 6,000 lbs
Max reach: 28'2"
Lift capacity at max reach: 1,400 lbs